Caspian Pro Packaging is a company that is among the pioneers of the industry. Our business adopts the principle of progress based on the needs of our valued customers. Human resources are one of the elements needed for a business to produce products and services.

One of the most basic principles concerning human resources is to ensure the efficiency of employees. While the main purpose of the companies is to gain long-term gains, the happiness of the employees is key. In addition to the economic needs of the employee, the social and psychological needs are among the things that the businesses should consider. 

Through human resources, environments where employees can develop and use their skills are provided. Through these environments, it is tried to ensure that the employees train themselves. The goals of the employees are one of the things that should be considered in terms of companies. For this reason, important responsibilities fall on human resources.

What Does Human Resources Do?

Human resources is one of the most important departments in companies. Through human resources, the needs of the employees are met and benefits are obtained for the company. Human resources, which are needed for the efficiency of the employee, have a number of responsibilities while fulfilling various tasks.


  • Through human resources, companies plan in accordance with their goals. Efficient use of the workforce is thanks to human resources.
  • Human resources establishes a link between senior management and employees within the company. It is among the duties of human resources to act as a bridge.
  • Human resources are also needed for the selection or dismissal of employees to be recruited to the company.
  • When internal discipline is to be ensured, the human resources department comes into play.
  • Human resources are needed for in-company trainings that need to be provided to employees.
  • Through human resources, it becomes easier for employees to be hired in the company in line with their skills.

One of the most important characteristics of a human resources team is high organizational skills. Human resources units should be competent in making strategic decisions. Human Resources must be capable of making decisions according to the interests of the company. Having an analytical perspective, being able to analyze events, and ensuring the employment of employees in line with the interests of the company are among the issues that concern human resources.

The department should be capable of dealing with more than one job. They should have a conciliatory and constructive structure, should always look out for the interests of the company. The human resources division must always be prepared for crises, must also have high communication skills.

Caspian Pro Packaging is a company that provides professional services with its human resources team. Our company, which always considers the benefit of people in its services focused on customer satisfaction, produces services for our valued customers.


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