Caspian Pro® VentedWrap® 

Has breathing holes through the film, increasing airflow, preventing condensation, and allowing the temperature of the package to be more easily regulated. These properties make vented film a proven solution for cold and frozen products, including food, produce, and pharmaceutical products.


Useful for packaging in fluctuating temperatures.

Remarkable Load Retention.

Moisture-releasing vents.

Increases air flow.
Production: Can be produced as colored and at required dimensions   
American   Europe
  Width-Inch Length-Ft Roll diameter inch Net Weight-Ib Width-cm Length-mt Roll diameter inch Net Weight-kg
  12 2000 7,25 4,72 30,5 600 118 2,1
  20 3000 7 7,83 50,8 915 6 3,6

This study made under at semi automated erapper under the same pallet and working conditions.