Caspian Pro® NettedWrap® 

NettedWrap® is recommended for applications which require stabilization and ventilation. Excellent load stability is provided by robust knitted stretch netting. Ventilation allows the middle of a load to maintain the same temperature as the outside of the load. Lightweight yet strong, this elastic film will hold goods firmly during transport and storage.





Allows palletized products to have more breathability.

Strong knit netting provides excellent load-stability.

Recommended for the food industry.

Designed for ventilation. 
Production: Can be produced as colored and at required dimensions   
American   Europe
  Width-Inch Length-Ft Thickness-GA Net Weight-Ib Width-cm Length-mt Thickness-mic Net Weight-kg Net weight-Case(4pcs)
1 20,0 1550   65,5 50,8 473 0 2,9